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证书编号Certificate Number:
申请商Applicant:Xenium Limited / CPOINT®
地址Address of Applicant:Xenium Limited / CPOINT®Xenium Limited / CPOINT®
制造商Manufacturer:Xenium Limited / CPOINT®
地址Address of Manufacturer:Xenium Limited / CPOINT®Xenium Limited / CPOINT®
产品名Product Name:CPOINT® DMXtender, CPOINT® DMXcompander
额定参数Rated Specification:/
型号名Model Number:


Sufficient samples of the product have been tested and found to be conformity with
标准Test Standard:

Based upon the performed tests by submitted samples, the test results comply

with the limits of REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.

Test Result: Approved

核发日期Issued date:Nov.27, 2018
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